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Your Loved Ones Are Our First Priority!

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We Understand Your Needs at This Difficult Time...

We understand how difficult it is when you've lost someone close to you. And we know intimately what you're going through. The grief and the sadness you’re feeling is real and we want to help you navigate this journey a little bit easier. We do that by taking care of all of the details of the arrangements and making your loved one's life celebration a parting gift you’ll remember forever.

As licensed funeral directors, we adhere to the highest standards of ethical practices and we are committed to ensuring that we not only meet, but rather exceed your expectations. We are committed to the principles of the funeral profession and demonstrate that practice of compassionate care to the families we serve in our community and surrounding area.

We are well versed in the special funeral traditions of all faiths, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Simply let us know your wishes, and you can be assured that your loved one’s service will be truly memorable and meaningful for you and your family.

If you have any questions, we're available by phone, by email or in person.

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Important Reasons to Entrust Us with Your Loved One 

  1. You’re assured a personalized service for your loved one that depicts his or her unique and special life
  2. You're able to focus on your own needs and well-being as we handle all of the necessary details from beginning to end
  3. You'll be sure that your loved one is in our complete care at all times and is treated with the utmost respect, and as an important part of our family
  4. If you choose cremation, you'll be assured your loved one is in our care during the entire cremation process
  5. You and your loved one are our top priority and we are available 24/7 for whatever you may need

At Wagg Funeral Home, we take great pride in caring for our families, and will work tirelessly to provide you with a beautiful, lasting tribute to your loved one.

While honouring your loved one is our top priority, we also want to help you through this difficult time. We have a wide range of resources to support you not only today, but in the weeks and months to come.

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Services We Offer You

Online Memorials

Customized, online memorials of your loved one are great to share with family and friends. The memorial includes the obituary and any photographs you wish to provide. It will serve as a place for visitors to post condolences, share memories, upload photos, and light candles in honour of your loved one.

Tribute Videos

Personal tribute videos can be played at the service and online. Simply provide us with the photographs you want to include and we will transform them into a video celebration of your treasured memories. DVDs or digital files of the video are also available.

Sharing Service Details

We reduce the stress of contacting those who need the details of the service for your loved one. We post the dates and times of the service as part of the online memorial on our website. You can then either share the memorial on your Facebook or Twitter page or copy the details from the site into an email or text. Both options give you the peace of mind that you have provided the necessary information to those who need it.

Ordering Flowers & Other Gift Items

We make it easy for friends and family to send flowers to your home or service to honour your loved one. We have partnered with local florists to offer the convenience of ordering directly from the obituary page of our website. You can also use this feature to select the flowers you would like at the service. This is a secure way to choose beautiful arrangements from the privacy and comfort of your home. In addition, you can click here to go to our catalogue of memorial gifts and other items.