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Creating a Memorable Life Celebration for Your Loved One

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One of the most important steps in the grieving and healing process is gathering friends and family together to honour a loved one’s life. It's more than a way to say goodbye, it's an opportunity to celebrate the unique life of someone who was special to you.

Today's funerals or life celebrations can be as unique as the individual who is being honoured and can reflect any aspect of a person's life and personality. You may opt to hold a traditional or religious service during your loved one's funeral. Or you can choose to celebrate your loved one's life in a non-secular setting in a location of your choosing or in our chapel that's located at our funeral home.

Your first step is to determine disposition of your loved one's remain either through burial or cremation. Then you can select the type of celebration you wish to have for your loved one. And finally there are the specific options you can decide upon based on whether you choose burial or cremation.

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Guiding You Every Step Along the Way

Determining Burial or Cremation

Your first step is to determine whether your loved one with be buried or cremated. Once you've decided the disposition of your loved one, your next step is to choose the type of memorial or funeral service that connects with family and friends in a very meaningful and personalized way.

Selecting the Type of Celebration

Typically, a funeral service is held when the casket or urn is present. The funeral or memorial service can be held without a casket or urn present, and this allows for disposition to take place either before or after the service. 

Whatever you choose, what's important is that the experience you create is personalized to the individual to create a uniquely memorable and enriching occasion that brings together family and friends to honour the life of your loved one.

Choosing Your Options

When planning your loved one's life celebration, there are many options available to you and we will help you through this process as easily as possible, ensuring that you're able to join with family and friends in grief, comfort, and love.

Call or email us and let us know how we can help you in the decision-making process.

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