Why Losing a Pet Can be So Difficult

By: Myles O'Riordan
Tuesday, January 12, 2021

It is easy to underestimate just how difficult it is to lose a pet. Most pet parents feel the loss deeply and are likely to grieve for an extended period. At Wagg Funeral Home, we have seen pet parents struggle to deal with the loss and find support from others during this trying time. Here’s a look at why losing a pet can be so difficult:

1. It is Never Just a Pet

Our animal companions become a big part of our everyday lives. People spend hours playing around with their dog or lounging with a warm cat in their lap. A pet is just a pet, it is a companion, friend, and partner. Owners form deep emotional bonds with their puppies or kittens so the loss can be painful.

2. Support Animal

Many people keep pets as support animals. They can help with mental health, physical disabilities, and even have a therapeutic effect. For example, people struggling with anxiety or panic disorders often have support dogs to help them combat the issue. The loss of a support animal can be like losing a limb. It is difficult to adjust to the change and deal with emotional grief as well.

3. Unconditional Love

Human beings are complex and relationships can be challenging. The bond between a pet and their parent is simple and straightforward. It is a relationship of unconditional love and acceptance. Your relationship with pets isn’t fraught with misunderstandings or differences in opinion. That can be a welcome relief, providing you stress-free interactions regularly.

4. Part of the Family

Pets often become part of the family and develop unique relationships with all members. When you lose a pet, it feels like you lost a member of the family. It has a big impact on everyone, especially children.

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