Coping With Grief Over The Holidays

By: Myles O'Riordan
Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Grief is an arduous process that becomes even more difficult over the holiday season. Some individuals are troubled or overtaken by the joyful attitude, struggling to contain their anguish without interfering with the happiness of others.

At Wagg Funeral Home, we encourage those grieving to be kind to themselves. The following are some recommendations to help you cope with your grief throughout the Christmas season:

1. Do Not Force Yourself To Participate

Many well-intentioned friends and relatives pressure grieving individuals into helping with Christmas preparations to distract their focus. While there are people that like the diversion, some find it overwhelming. Avoid coercion to participate in events that you are unable to tolerate. Additional distractions may help alleviate the sorrow without drawing attention to the loss of a loved one.

2. Avert Feelings Of Guilt

It is common for people to feel guilty about having fun while mourning. Even after a loved one passes away, you will experience a range of emotions, including excitement. Avoid smothering or disregarding these sentiments out of mistaken allegiance. Whether you're sad and enraged or joyful throughout the Holiday season, it's critical to control your emotions healthily.

3. Introduce New Traditions

Establish new holiday customs that honor the deceased while enabling you to enjoy the season. You are not required to undertake established traditions after a loved one's death. For instance, desist from purchasing a Christmas tree if you typically did so with the departed. Alternatively, you may transfer this chore to another family member and focus on decorating the tree together.

If you need any additional information, feel free to call us and speak with the funeral director at Wagg Funeral Home. We can help you preplan a funeral and with information about the different services available.

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