5 Advantages Of Urn Vaults

By: Myles O'Riordan
Monday, April 18, 2022

If a loved one has passed away and you are considering cremation, you will be given the person's ashes following the process. The cremains would need to be stored in a container—most often urns are used.

The Advantages of Urn Vaults

You can choose the location for the urn. Some individuals retain them in their homes as a memento of their loved one, while others place them in a columbarium or even put them in an urn vault. At Wagg Funeral Home, we feel that there are several advantages to selecting the latter option:

  1. An urn vault serves as a secure container for the ashes. They are beneficial in protecting the cremains from dampness, decay, and other environmental factors.
  2. Depending on the sort of urn you choose, it will be extremely durable and able to bear the pressure exerted by the surrounding ground. The majority of cemeteries are excavated often for burials. This repeated digging exerts considerable strain on the earth, but the urns are well equipped to endure it.
  3. Due to the small weight of an urn vault, family members may transport it swiftly from the funeral home to whatever place they require.
  4.  If your money is limited, an urn vault is an ideal solution. You can select among those manufactured of a more affordable material.
  5. Additionally, you can design the urn to your specifications. The majority of individuals wish to add customized features, which is rather simple to do.

If you're looking for a unique way to say your final farewell to a loved one, you might choose a personalized urn vault. This becomes an appropriate final resting place for a loved one.

For any additional information, please call us and speak with Wagg Funeral Home’s funeral director. We can help you preplan a funeral and provide information about the different services available.

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